We work hard in the studio sharpening our performance, learning new songs, and honing our skills. We have a passion for the music we play. We put our hearts and efforts in our music preparing for our shows. Its our goal to bring the best performance possible to your venue.
Even though we work hard at what we do, we play hard whenever we play music at your venue. We love what we do and believe in having fun at what we do. We want your night of entertainment to be enjoyable and fun filled.
We post all of our events so you can come out and enjoy us where ever we go, when ever we perform. Unless it is a private party of course. We do cate.r to private parties and weddings.  so come and join us when you can. And if you need us for your event, just go to the contact us link and hit us up
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Lead Guitar and Vocals: Eric Smith

 Fred Linton: Sax, Keyboard, Vocals

Bass Guitar: Fred Lynn

Drums and Back Up Vocals: Randy Wendt

What We Do
Why We Do It
We do a variety of music genres for your listening and dancing pleasure. These genres include; classic rock, funk, blues and country. We cover many popular atrist with songs most will know and love. We also perform originals written by Eric Smith
We do what we do because we Love what we do. We have a passion to play and perform music that everyone can enjoy. Musicians and singers are who we are. And music is what we do. We want to share our passion and love for music to all those who come to listen. We also enjoy having a good time with what we do. When People come out to hear us, we want them to enjoy the music and have a great time as well. 
How Can You Help
Join Us
You can help us be successful by joining our events. If you like us, and we hope that you will, spread the word and tell others about us.  You may also join our facebook page Eric Smith Band and share with us there. It would also be helpful if you would e-mail us and give us your response. We would like to hear from you. And if you have an event you would like to have us play at, please feel free to contact us.
Watch for our postings on facebook for upcoming events. Or you can check into our web site at any time for updates. Come out and Join us and bring your freinds. Lets all have a great time together.